Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hey everyone I need prayer bad. Today I felt almost completely crushed but I am standing on the Lords promises. I made the video so i can look back on it and rejoice when we see the Lords faithfulness revealed in this situation. It seriously took over 10 times to make it cause my comp kept only recording the first few seconds while telling me it was still working or there would be no sound. But here it is. Pretty much what i just told you. PRAY for the Lord's will to be done in this situation! Thank you and be blessed!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week.. who knows anymore

It's been a month since my last blog so forgive me for the long delay. It seems like the days have all blurred into one now. Its difficult to even remember all that has happened but ill give it a shot. Starting from recent events: last week I led my second morning devotion for all the mission builders. I can't remember what i told you about how each day usually goes so ill tell you the run down again in case i didnt or you forgot. Each day we leave the apartment complex designated for mission builders at 6am. We then drive to the campus and meet for a 15 min devotion. These have been such wonderful times of believers sharing there stories and testimonies of the wonders our God has done. I was able to share about the call to righteousness and holiness we are to live as followers of Christ. I shared how scripture actually teaches us to hate. This is not something you hear very often but it is all throughout the word. We are to hate evil, because Christ is in us we are to hate what he hates. Thus a call to righteousness. It was really a great challenge to prepare a message to share with the group. I think thats one of the first times ive done that. I shared earlier with the group my testimony but really sitting down and getting into the word and asking what do you want me to share Lord was so so good.

As part of mission building a challenge you must get used to is the continual flow of people. I have lost the 2 original roomates (Stephen and David) i had when i first arrived and had to say goodbye to another dear friend (Bert) this weekend. Its tough but good. Sad to say goodbyes but wonderful to take part of that person with you as you continue through life. I am so glad that God places us where he does. I have been blessed with a new roommate, Lucas, from Brazil. He brings joy to my heart because of his devotion to our Lord, and he's so young only 18, its crazy. Praise the Lord! Previously I had been able to engage with some of the ladies on a real level about the Lord and encourage and study with them but it wasn't happen so much with the guys. I was praying that the Lord would give me a brother to encourage and be encouraged by and he did with Lucas. Praise Him!

Last time i came three months didn't seem long enough and the Lord allowed me to extend my stay. This time four months seems like a year. I was getting really worn out here but was reminded that I need to rely on the Lord for strength and not myself. Ahh yeah it seems so much harder this time but I know God is using it. I heard that my car won't be needed for the month of May by the Taylor's so if any of you need a vehicle let me know. Um... lets see prayer. Things you can pray for: finances, that i would walk daily with and in the spirit, learn about spiritual gifts and how i can use them for Gods glory, friends, and opportunity. Please pray for my brother Bert. He is in a place where he is seeking God but has never had an encounter with Christ. Please pray that he will come to understand the grace our Lord provides and that following Christ brings joy and purpose.

Thanks all, i love you and miss you,


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 1

Hey all check the video for my new post!